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Founded in September 2000, SMARTKETING was the brainchild of owner Richard Petit in order to help build and develop CANTON nationwide. As a retailer in Montreal since 1977, Richard was always a big fan of these fine German loudspeakers.

Having had lots of success with CANTON, when the opportunity came to have control of the line for Canada, he immediately jumped at the occasion. His passion for audio and marketing cleared the path to start a new company that would help protect and promote this “gem from Germany” well known to audio enthusiasts.

Since 2015, Smartketing also distributes AVM AUDIO Audiophile Masterpieces.

We can therefore offer the service and the necessary support for those large product lines. Our commitment not only stems for the love of the products but from a passion of design blended with music. Our location is suited for the import of both segments as they arrive from Germany to our port here at home in Montreal.

Working closely with our retailers, we are able to sell these both CANTON et AVM AUDIO products, thus offering a direct manufacturer advantage to you, the end user, while maintaining competitive edge to other homeland product lines.

Loudspeakers and High End electronic components play a large part in our lives. Although we see them and listen to them every day, we keep on underestimating the significance they have for us. Whether you are looking for something for a Hi-Fi unit or a home cinema system, you can decide for yourself, when surfing through our website, what is best suited to your tastes and requirements.

On behalf of our team here at SMARTKETING, we wish you lots of pleasure in choosing your favorites!

Richard Petit



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