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Every Canton series has its own personality, Classic, extravagant. Discover what type of Canton listener you are…

Reference Series   Vento Series   Plus Series

Cultivated refinement

Music is more than a combination of sounds and audio. It is a complete work with its own distinct character – created for the moment.
Technology has made it possible to record and replay music in many formats, but the true character and magic of music is often overlooked. The loudspeakers in the Reference series restore some of music’s magic, bringing you closer to a live experience – goose bumps and all. 


Sound and design in perfect harmony

The loudspeakers of the Vento Series are aimed at perfection in every respect. Always with the ideal of "pure music" in mind, they offer lifelike reproduction. And thanks to their optimal dispersion characteristics they bring acoustic harmony to any living space.


No sound compromise

There is no reason to do without good sound. Even in difficult situations there is a whole range of sophisticated specialities that are as durable as they are subtle. No wonder, as they use the same sound principles and ideas as the loudspeakers of our HiFi series.

Ergo Series   InWall Series   Chrono Series

Good in the past, good in the present, good in the future

A classic of its time, this is a dynamic loudspeaker, whose vintage stereo qualities strike the listeners greatly. As an undisputed masterpiece in terms of range and setting and a role model for many of the series that followed, the loudspeakers of the Ergo Series are still contemporary today - and better than ever.


Installation solutions are all the rage

Loudspeakers are as versatile as life itself. Our InWall and InCeiling loudspeakers are particularly discreet. Hardly visible and taking up very little space they still manage to produce an extremely good and well balanced sound performance


Looks that polarize

A chiselled design, polished aluminum trim rings and a truly dominant appearance make the Chrono Series highly distinctive. Love it or not: there's no middle ground here. And that's fine. After all, these loudspeakers are not for everyone.

GLE Series   CD Series   Movie Series

Beautiful finish, great selection

Good looks are not everything. But they make a strong first impression. After all, loudspeakers should not just sound good - they ought to look good too. The GLE Series has proved to be highly flexible and comes with an impressive six different cabinet finishes. This means that the first impression is not the last and there is plenty of time to enjoy the sound.


Beautiful design is never out of place

What are you looking for in your loudspeakers? Do you want them to be slim and elegant, classy and contemporary? Should they match your flat screen TV without compromising on sound or volume? Voilà - this is the one for you: it is called the CD Series and it has remarkable inner qualities.


Every set is a Special Edition

The carefully chosen, complementary 5.1 home cinema systems differ from each other in construction style, size, surface finish and performance. They are individually tailored to suit the look of modern plasma or LCD televisions and will blend into any living space.

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